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READ: A worm that eats plastic bags

This is amazing- a biological solution for the mess we’ve made? In a paper published in Current Biology on Monday (April 24), Bertocchini and her colleagues described 100 wax worms chewing through a polyethylene shopping bag—the kind that people discard at a rate of 1 trillion per year globally—in around 40 minutes. After 12 hours, the bag was significantly shredded. – From

READ: India bans plastic in capital

Amazing news. Hope it spreads to the whole country. India is imposing a ban on disposable plastic in the country’s capital city. Inhabitants of New Delhi are no longer permitted to use plastic bags, cups, or cutlery. The amount of plastic waste that India dumped in the world’s oceans in 2010 was 12th highest of 192 countries. Read more at Futurism.

Make a Change Bali with John Hardy

Make a Change Bali

Proud to be featured with Sampah Jujur and the trash economy on this great series of videos from Gary Bencheghib for Make a Change Bali. The project consists of 30 videos about people leading the way to a more sustainable world in Bali. The videos have been going viral and if you haven’t see Kevin, founder of Avani, drinking one of his bio plastic bags, you’re seriously missing out.

TOMRA Recycling machine

WATCH: The incredible trash sorting machines of Poland

This TOMRA Autosort machine is incredible. It can detect color, shape, material and so much more to get the last tiny piece of trash to right recycling pile. The video shows the Autosort machine in action in Warsaw, Poland. In TOMRA’s rather opaque jargon, this is how they describe their machine: As the most flexible sorting system within TOMRA Sorting Recycling’s product family, the AUTOSORT combines detection of color and enhanced material information resulting in a multifunctional system that optimizes effectiveness across a broad variety of applications.  

Emily Penn

MEET: Ocean advocate Emily Penn

Emily Penn is an oceans advocate, skipper and artist with an incredible passion for the ‘invisible’ damage our plastic addiction is causing to our oceans and our bodies. She has organized the largest ever community-led waste cleanup from a tiny Tongan island, trawled for micro plastics on a voyage through the Arctic Northwest Passage and rounded the planet on the record-breaking biofuelled boat Earthrace.  She splits her time between leading expeditions and running Pangaea Explorations, the organization she established to enable scientists, filmmakers and everyday people gain access to the most remote parts of our planet; collecting data on global issues and along the way have discovered previously unknown oceanic gyres – huge areas of plastic pollution accumulation. Recently she spoke at TEDxUbud on the body burden of our plastic problem- an incredible story of the toxins we carry in our bodies as a direct result of microplastics in the sea and our environment.

Enviropallet Bali

MEET: Enviropallets cleaning up Bali

“A huge number of trees are cut down to make these stupid things, these pallets. And all they are for is so that the forklift can pick up the goods. Enviropallets cost the same amount, you can use them up to seven times each, and the great thing is that they are sucking up 4 tons of plastic bags a week in Bali and we need to get rid of those bags. The next step is to convince the Balinese that this stuff is valuable; right now plastic sells for Rp 1,500 a kilo.” Enviropallets Bali recycles the plastic waste in Bali to make low cost, high quality nestable export pallets.