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Taxi in San Miguel de Allende

Around the world in 30 days

A few of the sights and experiences from a month long trip through Budapest, London Amsterdam, Mexico and New York. It was my first time to Budapest- caught up with old friends and explored a potential site for a new Green School in an old coal processing factory. Budapest’s manhole covers are so beautiful. An incredible and controversial depiction of Jesus, under/below the Emperor. Bicycle of Budapest. A week with my love in Tulum and San Miguel de Allende. In Amsterdam I went to the Hemp and Marijuana Museum. Love the bicycle delivery carts of Amsterdam. Need more in other cities. Then over to London to help Carina inflate the Back to the Breast installation on the lawn at Goldsmiths. Finally, to New York and the US for a quick tour of colleges with Chiara. Gehry appreciation club. Spring has sprung.  

A giant inflatable breast in London

SEE: A giant boob in London

Inflatable breasts seem to be on trend-  Carina’s inflatable breasts have been joined by this one in London. Part of the Mother Projects initiative, where the agency tries to solve a problem or highlight an issue it feels passionate about, the effort from the creative team is about helping women who might feel embarrassed or judged while feeding their babies in public.  The project is “a celebration of every woman’s right to decide how and where they feed their children without feeling guilty or embarrassed about their parenting choices,” according to the agency’s post. –More on Adweek

190 kilo of plastci collected during Trash Walks

Travel notes- trash walking and free newspapers

I see this all over the world. Huge amount of newspapers being given away. It’s criminal. London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong. This picture is from Hong Kong. You don’t need to even buy newspapers any more, they just hand you one as you get into the subway and it goes straight into the garbage. What are we doing with our trees? One day, I left the hotel in London and walked down Picadilly. I was visualizing a virtual trash walk, so I started taking pictures of the trash. Unfortunately I didn’t have my spear and didn’t have my bag. So I did a virtual trash walk. In our Bali trash walks, we have now collected over 183 kilos of plastics and sold it back to Enviropallets to make their shipping pallets. We leave Bambu Indah every morning at 7 am. Join us.