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Irina Pantaeva and Carina Hardy collaboration

SEE: Mermaid tails and prosthetic dresses

Carina Hardy is currently studying Art History with a concentration in Visual Arts and Design at Barnard College, Columbia University. Here a few of her latest projects and musings. For her full portfolio head over to her website. THE PROSTHETIC DRESS, 2016 The metal prosthetic dress inspired by Victorian era dresses that blend with nature in a weird way. Wearing this dress allows women to pee inconspicuously in public. It begins with a hoop skirt that ended up being a body skirt so when someone’s wears the dress and squats in public to pee, nobody will even know what she is doing. The headpiece is inspired by the fan palm, adding to the camouflage effect. Giant hair is part of the signature of the Victorian era and having the big headpiece creates that effect. Here it is modeled by legendary model Irina Pantaeva. Irina added one of her pieces from her Peaceful Warrior project- repurposing military canvas into new items such as coats and skirts over the metal hoop. INFLATABLE MERMAID TAIL – Sculpture I, 2016 I imagined …

The Hardy Family in Bali

Love. Family. Time Together.

This holiday was the first in many years when we were really all together. It’s amazing having Cynthia back. It was incredible to watch the four kids interact with Rajiv and Maria in the mix. A wonderful experience. It’s hard to know what you’re missing until you have it. Right now I feel like I have a tremendous amount to be thankful for. 26 years ago in Bali, we were already doing the right thing by Christmas trees in Bali; we had a live tree in a pot. 26 years years later it’s the Christmas tree that ate the palm trees. It is taller than a palm tree. It’s magnificent. We’re very happy to have the tradition of the Christmas tree that grew big and then really big. -JH John with a tree in 1982. Penny, John and Elora of Christmas past. Baby Orin and THE Christmas tree 26 years ago. The tree ten years ago. This year we had a picnic under the tree. Celebrating Nayan’s first Christmas. Complete with gifts of goats for …

Off to the compost pick up spot in New York

Composting, New York Style

It’s hard not be to be a little cynical with what’s going on in New York City, with the exception of the six months after 9/11, when people were so amazing. I sometimes have trouble understanding what these people are doing. But I was truly inspired recently, not just seeing my daughter Chiara, but hundreds of people coming to the Farmers’ Market with their bags of vegetable cuttings to give to the compost guy from Brooklyn. There were literally a hundred green rolling garbage cans in the back of the truck. Hello, New Yorkers composting! If you are in Bali in January 2016, come play in the compost with us at the Bringing Soil to Life course at Kul Kul Farm. Off to the market with Carina and Chiara Making a deposit Mission accomplished with Chiara and Carina.    

Bambu Indah in the Guardian

Bambu Indah in the Guardian

John always says that Bambu Indah is a garden with a hotel attached, something which the Guardian noticed. Meals at Bambu Indah in Ubud are created using produce from the hotel’s own organic vegetable garden. Bambu Indah was founded by the Hardy family who are also behind Bali’s Green School and their passion for the environment is evident in the menu. Eating locally and sustainably is also very healthy. Sitting in the open-air bamboo structure of Bambu Indah’s restaurant you can eat curry with eggplant and beans or “raw lasagna” made from layers of uncooked zucchini, mushrooms and tomato and topped with pesto. Read the rest: The 5 most healthy places to eat in Bali.  

Ice-cream for iPads. To the Green School, from Chiara

A tiny update on my wonderful daughter, Chiara, and her marvelous brain. Her idea? Sell ice-cream and use the revenue to buy iPads for the Green School. It’s worth noting she was confronted with many naysayers on the practicalities of her endeavour. In true Chiara style, instead of succumbing to the doubt, she chose to show them how her idea would work. To date, she generated enough revenue to purchase three iPads over three months. A Green School ally was so impressed with her immediate success, they donated $800 (USD) to purchase another one. There’s also a mini-documentary being created about ice-cream for iPad, and I’ll share that with you when it’s finished. For now, if you’re interested in supporting the ice cream for iPad project, let me know, and we’ll make that happen. Sent from my i(ce cream)Pad <- True Story.  

SEE: My daughter Carina takes on Avatar and Adele. It’s remarkable…

This is a photo of Carina on Halloween, creating and embodying Neytiri from the film, Avatar. For those of you that don’t know, Avatar was created by James Cameron and includes all kinds of magical brilliance. James delivered an interesting TEDTalk on the likes. Thanks to Cameron for spurring additional creativity. See below (!!!). Last week at the Green School talent show, Carina delivered a powerful rendition of Adele’s “Turning Tables.” Although I’m partial to the Carina version, you can experience the Adele version right here.