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Back to the Breast in London

Two daughters and their inflatable art

Carina and Chiara have both explored and created very different inflatable art installations over the past few years. Both creators speak about their work and what drew them to the ideas below. Chiara Hardy has released a new video about her Onigiri inflatable design project.  Head over here to read more about the project. In May 2017, Carina Hardy brought her Back to the Breast installation to Goldsmiths College in London. The Goldsmiths Design Blog recently did an interview with Carina to find out more about the project: This project posed some extreme challenges because I was committed to make them entirely out of sustainable materials. The ultimate goal was to compost them at the end of their life. After a series of material tests and prototypes we built the membrane structure out of organic cotton and coated the fabric in natural latex. I built them in Bali, where I was raised, with the help of a master tailor and a team. The natural liquid latex is hand-painted onto a total of 64 panels, and …

Back to the Breast at Goldsmiths

WATCH: Back to the Breast on Make a Change

Watch the story behind Carina’s amazing eco-inflatable art installation, ‘Back to the Breast’. These giant inflatable breasts are biodegradable, compostable and organic. Meet the creator of Back To The Breast, Carina Hardy, who is bringing her installation around the world to normalize breast culture.   The story of @cccaaarrrhhh beautiful creation #backtothebreast A post shared by John Hardy (@greenbyjohn) on Jun 7, 2017 at 7:44pm PDT Watch the whole video here:

Carina Hardy

Back to the Breast: An inflatable installation by Carina Hardy

I feel like I have been to Wonderland and back again. The last few months have been a whirl wind adventure of material testing, model making, and production managing the creation of a large scale art inflatable called Back to the Breast; and finally, this February in Thailand we debuted the installation at Wonderfruit festival. Back to the Breast is an eco, biodegradable inflatable made of organic cotton coated in pigmented natural latex that depicts monumental breasts. Through an inflatable “underwire” tunnel, participants can enter the breasts and imagine what it might feel like to be in a breast. Engaging with breasts in this new capacity and beyond stigmatization hopes to normalize breast culture and foster a conversation of inclusion and understanding of bodies in public space. Through symbolic architectural design, Back to the Breast encourages an appreciation for rather than opposition to breasts in public view. At the festival, we hosted breast casting and printing workshops which attracted a huge number of people and helped reinforce the thematic undertone of the piece through opening …

Irina Pantaeva and Carina Hardy collaboration

SEE: Mermaid tails and prosthetic dresses

Carina Hardy is currently studying Art History with a concentration in Visual Arts and Design at Barnard College, Columbia University. Here a few of her latest projects and musings. For her full portfolio head over to her website. THE PROSTHETIC DRESS, 2016 The metal prosthetic dress inspired by Victorian era dresses that blend with nature in a weird way. Wearing this dress allows women to pee inconspicuously in public. It begins with a hoop skirt that ended up being a body skirt so when someone’s wears the dress and squats in public to pee, nobody will even know what she is doing. The headpiece is inspired by the fan palm, adding to the camouflage effect. Giant hair is part of the signature of the Victorian era and having the big headpiece creates that effect. Here it is modeled by legendary model Irina Pantaeva. Irina added one of her pieces from her Peaceful Warrior project- repurposing military canvas into new items such as coats and skirts over the metal hoop. INFLATABLE MERMAID TAIL – Sculpture I, 2016 I imagined …

Japan in winter

Revisiting Japan with my 19 year old

If your 19 year old is loving her monoculture, what do you do to open the gates? Take her to Japan. It was such a pleasure to see her experience Japan having never been there and it is so different to anything she’s ever known. I started in Japan in 1975. Japan is like everything I’ve never seen.  In a sense, it is a monoculture, but  it is such a hugely diverse place. It’s full of hidden magic. Full of beauty. It is still a world of artisanship- they’re even taking on the Scots by making the best whiskey in the world. Tokyo sunrise.  We stayed in the Park Hotel in their art rooms. Uber in Tokyo was amazing. Give your location, a nice car comes, drops you off, no money no going around in circles. The subway was also invaluable. Do as the locals do and zone out for the ride. Lost her soul in the subway. Confused Carina hitching. The Tokyo Station Hotel. Tokyo winter fashion shoot complete with heater. Antique textile shopping at …

SEE: My daughter Carina takes on Avatar and Adele. It’s remarkable…

This is a photo of Carina on Halloween, creating and embodying Neytiri from the film, Avatar. For those of you that don’t know, Avatar was created by James Cameron and includes all kinds of magical brilliance. James delivered an interesting TEDTalk on the likes. Thanks to Cameron for spurring additional creativity. See below (!!!). Last week at the Green School talent show, Carina delivered a powerful rendition of Adele’s “Turning Tables.” Although I’m partial to the Carina version, you can experience the Adele version right here.