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Riverside Warung at Bambu Indah

Riverside Warung unveiled at Bambu Indah

We have something new at Bambu Indah. The Riverside Warung is now open, a joint design collaboration with IBUKU. Elora tells the story of how we came up with the design: “Years ago, the river warung & pools area were rice fields. When they were washed away by a break in the irrigation canal above, Dad recreated them into terraced ponds, and we walked past them for years on our way to the river, only occasionally dipping in. For a while we farmed shrimp there, at one point built a little guest house over the pond, and over the years a few magical parties. Then, it occurred to Dad that the spring water would be wonderful to swim in, and he had the ponds cleaned out and patched up a bit, and now they are pools. Because of the elevator, it’s suddenly a space that feels easy to get to, and once we started spending time down there we never wanted to leave.   He built some guest houses overlooking the pools, Copper and Moon, …

Bamboo building course Bamboo U 2017

Join us for Bamboo U 2017

The Bamboo U camp held in 2016 was incredible. Take a look at the video below and then join us for the 2017 version.  Bamboo U is a design and bamboo building workshop in Bali hosted by the Kul Kul Farm at the Green School; facilitated in collaboration with the bamboo design firm, IBUKU. Bamboo U is an opportunity to design and build with bamboo alongside some of the architects, designers and craftsmen who built Green School. The group will investigate the available sites and hear from Elora Hardy and her team at IBUKU, the design firm that designed many of the classrooms at Green School and all the houses at Green Village.   

Sumba House at Bambu Indah by Brian Hodges

The Sumba House at Bambu Indah

A few years ago, on one of  John’s regular trips to Sumba, he fell in love with the traditional Sumba houses. He and his daughter, Elora, decided to replicate one using bamboo in Bali in the grounds of Bambu Indah. The final result is spectacular, unlike anything in Bali, and has become a favorite room for the Bambu Indah guests. Elora Hardy on the design process: While visiting Sumba once, Dad [John Hardy] and I had the chance to go inside a traditional home. Sitting on mats inside the homes, we felt such a sense of calm and peace. The proportions and layout of the space felt right, like something that could only evolve over the centuries. It was cool and shaded inside, protected from the hot dry Sumba sun, and a bit of breeze flowed through the gaps between the bamboo. The porch was also a wonderful place to be; we sat there with the grandmothers weaving, and small kids tumbled around. Each home followed similar proportions and layout, with the cooking hearth at the …

Bamboo Pod at TRi Restaurant Hongkong. Designed by Ibuku

IBUKU goes to Hong Kong

Ibuku has completed its first international project, TRi Restaurant in Hong Kong. TRi captures the pure essence of Bali in a unique dining experience focused on Balinese flavors and opened in July 2015. TRi has been brought to life by the Le Comptoir team with interior design by Ibuku. The concept for TRi came from the Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, the union and balance of three elements: man, nature, and divinity. The guests pass through three areas during their TRi experience- Kampung (the Village), Kebun (the Garden) and Hutan (the Forest). The design elements are inspired both by Bali’s incredibly rich cultural heritage, as well as its incomparable natural beauty. Bamboo is the dominant material, but TRi also features Balinese metalwork, slabs of river stone, and traditional cloth. As with every Ibuku project, the design takes its cues from the surrounding natural beauty and features. In Repulse Bay, the river, sea, light reflections over the course of the day, tree line and far-off mountains all play a role in TRi’s design.   The …

Bamboo U at Green Camp

Bamboo Immersion at Bamboo U

I have just come back from the Bamboo U course at Green Camp and feel it is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. My vision for the future has been cleaned and I won’t be looking back. Connecting with such a wonderful crew of people from all over the world with so much passion for bamboo, has lit a fire in my heart that is burning the trash of the past and opening doors I had never imagined were there. Immense gratitude to the organizers and everyone who came. – Donnie, Australia Many people come to visit Green School, GreenCamp, Bambu Indah and Green Village and they are always simply in awe of the bamboo structures around us. Their drive to know more about the process of building led us to create Bamboo U, a Bamboo Building & Design course hosted by GreenCamp. Participants come from all over the world specially for this course, wanting a hands-on experience with bamboo building including workshops on bamboo roofing, model making, weaving, planks …

New buildings at Green School

A praying mantis, a grasshopper and an ant walk into a school

Today I walked through the primary school and went to every place I could. It’s just insane- it’s a new dimension in school, it’s a new dimension in classrooms, it’s beyond beautiful. We’re going to make bridges between them and slides. Orin is making an amazing garden, floating down the hill. Such fun to have at school, usually fun is not allowed at school. On the ridge of each classroom will be a wayang kulit (Indonesian shadow puppet) figure made out of bamboo and every year it will be changed by the new class that moves into the building. –John We asked the architects at Ibuku to tell us a little bit more about the design they chose: The inspiration of the building shape for the new Green School Elementary Classrooms came from a leaf shape found on the site; it’s a simple shape,  yet functional when it implemented as a building roof. The project consists of 3 buildings each with classrooms on two levels and designed to fit onto a sloping site. The classrooms have been configured …

Elora Hardy

Elora’s TED Talk has 1.3 million views

I did my TED talk and it has really powered the school. For 5 years it’s been out there and I have almost 750,000 views and I’m very proud; but I am eclipsed, I am eclipsed in the best possible way. My beautiful daughter Elora blew by me after only a few days and she now has over a million views and headed for the task of informing the world about bamboo. I’m so excited for her and for bamboo. She’s a great ambassador and there’s huge interest out there.    

Elora Hardy by Heather Bonker at TEDxUbud

TEDxUbud: Elora Hardy and Houses made of grass

In 2014, Elora spoke at TEDxUbud. “Thousands of handmade pegs, 18 meter long poles, bare feet, and hundreds of hands. This is what it takes to make a house designed by Elora Hardy. She’s interested in changing the perception of luxury in relation to scarcity and abundance. Her tool? The super grass that is bamboo.” Raised in Ubud, Elora spent 14 years of her young adult life in the United States, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tufts University and went on to become sole textile and print designer for Donna Karan Intl. In 2010, Elora returned to Bali to carry on the incredible work of the design-build team that created the world-renowned Green School in Bali, founded by her father John Hardy. She reconnected with the culture and landscape that she loves and today continues to cultivate Balinese artisans alongside innovative designers and architects with the goal of making Bali a global center for sustainable design and bringing those designs to the rest of the world.

Elora Hardy AD Innovator

Architectural Digest: Elora Hardy is a 2013 AD Innovator

Elora Hardy named AD Innovator for 2013!  The free-spirited designer is developing a fanciful vision for sustainable living in Bali Three years ago she founded Ibuku—a Bali-based design/build firm that uses locally sourced bamboo to construct extraordinary, almost entirely handmade villas and bespoke furniture. “Bamboo is the definition of sustainable—it doesn’t even have to be replanted,” Hardy says of the quickly maturing timber. Working with a team of Indonesian architects and craftsmen, she has now completed eight unique residences for Green Village, a resort community along the Ayung River.