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Green School wins prize

Green School wins 2017 Zayed Future Energy Prize

What an honor to see Green School Bali chosen as one of five schools to be a recipient of the 2017 Zayed Future Energy Prize. The school will use the prize for the installation of a 10kW solar PV system and a battery-bank from used mobile phone and notebook batteries with a capacity of 32 kWh. The school’s project aims to lower their carbon emissions by 22 tonnes per year, with an added benefit of lowering the school’s utilities costs. The long- term engagement plan will also include close input from students, who will work on different aspects of the system including power production, storage and distribution, battery technologies, and project management. About the prize The Zayed Future Energy Prize came to fruition as a result of the vision of the late Ruler of Abu Dhabi and Founding Father of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The world is in desperate need of innovative solutions to create a new, sustainable energy future. No one knows who or where the next great energy solution will come …

CleanWorld biodigester

WATCH: CleanWorld’s BioDigesters

Take a look at this. It’s a for profit company working in Sacramento that collects food waste in gas powered trucks. We could actually take every single bit of biomass we have produced, found, excreted and put it into a digester and make gas for our vehicles or create electricity. That would then just leave us with the plastic and metals, which we can 100% recycle. This is really amazing thing to watch. So exciting to think about composting everything we have lying around, including poop and pee and everything else that is organic. Thank you Angus and Duncan for letting me know about it and Clean World for making it happen. This is an incredible future to look forward to. -JH CleanWorld specializing in repurposing organic waste into the forms of transportation fuel for vehicles and electricity. Check out all of the great things CleanWorld BioDigesters do that help clean up our world.

Joe Crossley

MEET: Joe Crossley, new media artist

One of the extended Bambu Indah and trash walking family, Joe Crossley is someone you need to meet.  We had a conversation on energy and what Joe thinks we should be doing to save the world from humankind. About Joe I am  a new media artist.  I use technology to deliver communication points. I work in projection mapping, but I have a background as a scientist, as a marine biologist. A lot of my art is science- focused; I have a PHD in data systems – how we perceive data, from reading a book or talking to people.  (For more on Joe, check out his website and portfolio.)   On dangers of ‘green energy’ How are we going to get out of the problem that we are roller coasting into? The problem at the moment is the conspiracy of the green energy world- about how and where our energy comes from. How we are creating the energy? What does it take to create that  energy? What are the output and the implications around it? When China …

Vortex at Green School Bali

Never give up: the 7 year vortex saga

At Green School we believed that micro hydro was off the table because we didn’t have more than a two meter drop in the river which runs through the school grounds. Then we read about the miraculous achievements of Franz Zotlöterer, a mad Austrian who made a vortex in a swimming pool. We saw that we could get hydro in the two meter drop we had, so we proceeded. And things were looking good until we had a little problem. Village politics played up and the dam we had built to send water through our vortex ended up with a two meter hole in it. So we then ended up spending about two years rebuilding relationships as well as the dam. Just when we thought we were back in the game and well on the road to having the vortex become a reality we got side-tracked with some unorthodox engineering ideas and this ate up a good part of another year. Finally, we went back to Mr. Zotlöterer who was, needless to say, not very …

Vortex at Green School

Vortex at Green School

Over the past two years, we have been focused on building a gravitational water vortex power plant at Green School. A few words from Matthew Bell, team leader for the vortex project: “She is a hydro electrical power generator, using gravity’s natural pull on water towards center of the earth, in that vortex then created we have a turbine. The swallowing capacity is 1.2 cubic meters a second, which relates to about 1.5 vertical meters of water in the rotation tank. That turbine drives a shaft which goes through a bearing system, then through a corolla and tapered thrust bearing system. This takes away any oscillation and takes the weight of turbine, which is approximately one ton. So the force generated by the water is directed through a drive shaft, which is coupled with a universal joint and lined to the generator shaft. Our generator is a 15 kw permanent magnet generator. The beauty of the system is that is only requires 2 meters of head to have a rotation tank. Head relates t0 the amount …

Treehugger: Solar Powered ATM Is Beautiful in Bali, July 2, 2012, Alex Davies

When Green School, on the Indonesian island of Bali, decided to install an ATM, they were torn. Large electronics don’t really line up with their sustainability-focused mission. ATMs require electricity and are usually set in concrete (which is bad). On the other hand, paying the school’s employees required frequent trips to the ATM eight miles away that burned a notable amount of gasoline. So they went for it, coming up with what may be the greenest, and coolest-looking, ATM on the planet. Click here for further reading. July 2, 2012, Alex Davies

READ: Clean energy? Some disturbing facts and figures – by The Green Asia Group

Solar panels … A factory in China must burn more than 40kg of coal to produce a solar panel – one metre by 1.5 metres. China’s least efficient coal-fired power plant would generate 130 kilowatt-hours of electricity burning that amount – enough power to keep a 22 watt LED lightbulb beaming 12 hours a day for 30 years. A solar panel is designed to last just 20 years. It is estimated it takes 10kg of polysilicon to produce a solar panel with a capacity of one kilowatt – just enough to generate the energy !o keep a fridge cool for a day. Many consumers, as well as corporations, in developed countries are buying mainland made solar panels in the belief that using them will help slow the pace of global warming. Demand for solar panels has risen rapidly in the past few years, creating a US$100-billion a year market for panels and related industrial materials. Five years ago, China’s mainland production of polysilicon – the key component of solar panels was negligible. Last year it …

MEET: Akuo Energy International

Akuo Energy is a Europe-based developer, operator and investor of renewable energy plants across Europe, North and South America. Akuo Energy invests in the development of projects across all of the proven areas of industrial renewable energy production and currently has management teams and subsidiaries focusing their development efforts on 3 continents. Today, Akuo is actively developing several projects across a broad range of renewable energy sectors in Europe, USA and South America, including: – Solar plants – Wind Farms – Hydro electric plants – Biofuel plants – Biomass energy plants – Biogas plants – Wood pellets production plants The company is managed by an experienced which previously developed the 2nd largest wind-farm operator in France over a 4 year period (600 MW). Akuo Energy originally began its activities in the wind energy sector, and today is one of the European leaders in this sector. Below is a sample list of some of the reference projects that have been developed in the past or are currently in development: • Perfect Wind France (sold to Iberdrola). …