Past Newsletters

No 43—July 2017: How to stay in love at 67 ❤❤❤ 

No 42—June 2017: Around the world in 30 days

No 41—May 2017: Your Read + Watch + Do List

No 40—April 2017: Longest edition of Green by John, so far

No 39—April 2017: This may be the world’s most exotic hotel

No 38—March 2017: Back to the Breast

No 37—February 2017: Secrets of India

No 36—January 2017: $100,000 to get us off the grid

No 35—January 2017: A huge loss

No 34—Best Green by John Posts of 2016

No 33—December 2016: Made without harm

No 32—December 2016: He’ll break your toys

No 31—November 2016: Fill up your car at Green School

No 30—October 2016: Robotic Suitcase

No 29—October 2016: Edible cutlery

No 28—September 2016: Green School at Ink Talk

No 28—September 2016: Special Edition Bali Bee Week

No 27—September 2016: Earthbound

No 26—August 2016: 9 years of Green School

No 25—August 2016: Sleep in a bandshell

No 24—July 2016: Taking kids out of the classroom and into the real world

No 23—July 2016: Trash ATMs 

No 22—June 2016: Working with nature not against it

No 21—June 2016: The business of buying trash

No 20—May 2016: Sustainable solutions everywhere you look

No 19—May 2016: A cool kindergarten and the Peace Boat

No 18—April 2016: Magic island and trash experts

No 17—March 2016: Three kids are doing more than you

No 16—March 2016: Wood is wood. Bamboo is better

No 15—February 2016: Dreams and tigers

No 14—February 2016 Special Edition: A week since its release and already 250,000 views

No 13—January 2016: Everything I have never seen

No 12—January 2016: Love. Family. Time. Together

No 11—December 2015: Have you been naughty or nice

No 10—November 2015: Blue pyramids, shipmates, and a Sumba school

No 9—November 2015: Saving the villages, the cities and the forest

No 8—October 2015: Bio Buses & virtual trash walking

No 7—September 2015: Bears and Plastic bags

No 6—September 2015: Take your 19-year-old for a week of holiday at the end of summer

No 5—August 2015: Electronic motorcycles and angry Bali dogs

No 4—August 2015: A praying mantis, a grasshopper and an ant walk into a school

No 3—July 2015: Never give up… the 7-year vortex saga