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All about the Trash Walks

Make a Change Bali with John Hardy

Make a Change Bali

Proud to be featured with Sampah Jujur and the trash economy on this great series of videos from Gary Bencheghib for Make a Change Bali. The project consists of 30 videos about people leading the way to a more sustainable world in Bali. The videos have been going viral and if you haven’t see Kevin, founder of Avani, drinking one of his bio plastic bags, you’re seriously missing out.

Ubud kids selling garbage to Sampah Jujur

Ubud schools joining the fight against plastic with Sampah Jujur

Public schools around Sayan in Ubud, Bali are starting to take advantage of their trash problem. Sampah Jujur volunteers Ibu Kadek, Pak Ketut and their son, Gian, also part of the Green School family, have been visiting a few schools around the Sampah Jujur HQ in Sayan, Bali, to share the news that Sampah Jujur is now buying plastic to be recycled. Today, SMP N 2 Ubud (a public middle school) and five SD (public elementary schools) are partnering up with Sampah Jujur to sort their trash and get cash in return for their recyclables. Sampah Jujur, led by John Hardy, hosts a trash walk every day (except for Sundays) starting at 7am from Bambu Indah. Many individuals that share a passion to make Bali cleaner and plastic-free joins the trash walk and help to sort their trash haul into different categories of garbage. Sampah Jujur HQ is located in a traditional market in Sayan and next to a public elementary school, so local residents have started to ask questions and learn what it is all about. …

Trash walking in Tulum

Trash walking in Tulum

Tulum beach survived the seaweed die-off plague, where the ecosystem changed and Tulum beach was unwalkable for many months. Coming back and seeing it in pristine condition was so nice, but when you start walking down the beach, further away from the hotels, you start to see bottles and other things. I had meant to take a trash stick and bag with me, but didn’t get organized in time. Walking on the beach, I just couldn’t contain myself. I found a plastic bucket and then some rope; so I fixed the rope to the bottom of the bucket and started picking up trash. I noticed a lot of trash had handles. And then there was more rope, so before I knew it I had 200 pounds of trash which I was towing down the beach. People would actually come out of the jungle and help me pull it for a while. It was so heavy, I finally dumped it right in front of the Tulum hotel. Sebastian Sas (founder of the amazing Nomade property in …

Sampah jujur kids

The business of buying trash with Sampah Jujur

Sampah Jujur is an initiative based in Baung, Bali, to create an economy for plastic and other waste.  Started by John Hardy, the initiative began as morning walks picking up trash around the neighborhood.  Meeting at Bambu Indah in Ubud most weekday mornings around 7-7:30am, people walk, collecting items for recycling and reclaiming garbage from the paddies, streets and streams, bringing them to Bambu Indah, where the trash is sorted and picked up by the garbage buyers. In early 2016, Sampah Jujur (Honest Trash) created a stall in the local Sayan Market. The stall offers to buy trash from people working in the market and from the general community at fair prices.  In a few months the community (including kids from local primary schools who have saved their garbage for the week) has brought over 2,500 kilograms of plastic, metal and paper to be sold at the market stall! Sampah Jujur has also installed compost and recyclable bins in the market and now has over twenty compost piles. If compost is sold this could mean a …

MEET: Jeroen from Social ImpaKt

We recently had Jeroen from Social ImpaKt join us on a trash walk. Social ImpaKt’s vision is that everyone, everywhere has access to safe and affordable technologies within their homes. Its mission is to bring simple, eco-friendly life changing and enhancing technologies like water filters, solar lamps to remote areas (the last mile) and urban centers in Bali and East Indonesia. Social ImpaKt also aims to create micro-business opportunities with these technologies. Here’s what Jeroen had to say about his trash walk experience: “We started the trash walk with John at 7 am on this beautiful Saturday morning. We were a group of about 40 people, composed of local parents and students at the Green School. We walked from the Bambu Indah resort, our starting point down to the river and then entered the forest. On the way, we picked up plastic trash on the road, in the ditches, following John’s steady footsteps. We filled a pick up truck with trash from a dumpsite on the way. The trash walk was an entertaining and impactful way to do some …

190 kilo of plastci collected during Trash Walks

Travel notes- trash walking and free newspapers

I see this all over the world. Huge amount of newspapers being given away. It’s criminal. London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong. This picture is from Hong Kong. You don’t need to even buy newspapers any more, they just hand you one as you get into the subway and it goes straight into the garbage. What are we doing with our trees? One day, I left the hotel in London and walked down Picadilly. I was visualizing a virtual trash walk, so I started taking pictures of the trash. Unfortunately I didn’t have my spear and didn’t have my bag. So I did a virtual trash walk. In our Bali trash walks, we have now collected over 183 kilos of plastics and sold it back to Enviropallets to make their shipping pallets. We leave Bambu Indah every morning at 7 am. Join us.

Spearing Garbage and Trash Walks

Spearing garbage, talking trash

A parent, Peter Barge, walking from his bamboo house in Green Village to Green School, became frustrated at the amount of garbage on the path. He had PT Bamboo Pure make him the first trash spear. He is the founder of the Trash Walk. We found as we walked we were having a meeting, so we developed this Spearing Garbage and Talking Trash; although we met about many things, we were spending a lot of time meeting about finding scalable solutions to the trash problem. It’s a very beautiful experience to walk with someone and meet with them on any subject. The walking meeting is exceptional. The rule of the trash walk is simple, you have to keep walking, keep spearing and keep talking. [FAG id=1851]   Have a look at this video of the Trash Walkers that Dave Cornthwaite made of his walk. If you’d like to join John one morning, send us an email. Spearing garbage and talking trash.