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First biodiesel pump in Indonesia

The first biodiesel pump station for public use in Indonesia

Incredibly excited to hear that the Green School Bio Bus team is launching its biodiesel public pump on campus! The Green School Bio Bus is student-led initiative that collects spent cooking oil from Bali restaurants to power the school bus. They are taking a huge step forward this year by opening a public pump where anyone with a diesel engine can fill up with biodiesel!  On November 11 there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of possibly Indonesia’s first 100% Biodiesel (B100) Station. Built by one of the Green School parents, Rodney Parish, in cooperation with the Green School Bio Bus team and Lengis Hijau,  this 100% biodiesel pump station is even powered by solar. Leeland Gentry, one of the Green School grade 12 students,  has been using his car to test the biodiesel for the last month. “The aim of setting up the pump is to make B100 available to the Green School community and eventually expand to people outside the community,” said Leeland.  He added that it has been an a good experience for his car …

Innovative School Design

Innovative school design and Green School

Honored to have Green School make this list of innovative school design. This is exactly why and how we and IBUKU designed Green School to be the way it is. Educators now understand that the environment where a child spends upwards of six hours a day is an important component of learning. A 2015 study, titled Clever Classrooms, found that the physical characteristics of classrooms account for as much as 16 percent of what matters to student achievement. In other words, students need the right classrooms to thrive. “The classroom design should, whenever possible, feel like their space, like they have some ownership to it,” said Peter Barrett, a professor of management in property and construction at the University of Salford at Manchester and lead researcher on the study. “Learning zones—like reading areas, play areas, an area where students can sit and discuss—are effective. A whole set of different learning opportunities for young children to learn in a flexible way…allow for a whole variety of learning styles.” Explore the whole list here at Take Part.

Green Stories: a film about Green School

Green Stories: a Green School documentary in the works

Carine Lefebvre Quennell, Green School parent and filmmaker, is in the final stages of editing her film Green Stories, a documentary on Green School. Stay tuned for details how you can support the film and the crowdfunding campaign in November 2016.  More on why Carine wants to make this film: What I saw caused me to question everything I knew of traditional schooling models, those that I had experienced and those my children had. What I saw is deeply inspiring, and made me both optimistic and enthusiastic for the future. It is a laboratory of ideas. The film is above all the story of a handful of young people. Free to make choices, they learn by doing, very much linked to the environment around them. They are preparing for their future, and that of the planet. They want to change the world.

Heather Blair at INK

Green School students at INKTalks

“Last week I went to INKTalks with three students from Green School- Dali and Finn Schonfelder and Heather Blair. Dali and Finn spoke about Nalu, their company, and Heather about the importance of consent. Both got a standing ovation from the crowd. An impressive feat considering who was in the audience. Can’t wait to see the talks get published.” -JH It’s one thing to look good when you buy our clothes, the next thing is to do good and therefore feel good. – Dali and Finn  

Earthbound Traveling Semester

Green School goes on the road with Earthbound

“Earthbound is an incredible program. Learning by doing, not just here in Bali but all around the world during a traveling semester. Follow their stories and journey as they get up close with the big issues.” -JH About Earthbound: Semester one began on August 22 at Kul Kul Farm next to Green School where we began our orientation. Focusing on the first permaculture design principle: Observe and Interact, we began to explore the neighbourhood around Green School, uncovering stories and meeting unsung heroes who were finding innovative solutions to many issues plaguing our immediate community. We took our tools of observation and investigation to Lombok to work with Oceans.Care and meet the local activists, journalists, artists and citizens who are trying to keep their island from drowning in plastic. Next week we head to the heart of the conflict palm oil crisis as we visit the pristine and endangered Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra. From there we head to Greece to unpack the complexities of the refugee and economic crises, learn about the history of democracy, take part in environmental …

Green Stone talks

Talks that make me tingle: The 2016 Green Stone speakers

I was so moved and inspired by the Green Stone talks (delivered by the Green School Bali graduating class each year). I have been to so many talks in my life, but I was literally tingling listening to the students. Not just one, but many of them. There were subjects that I had little to no interest in that were so riveting it blew my mind. I have no idea how this happened but it’s happened; the level of presentation of the 2016 graduates (who ALL got into their first choice universities) was incredible. It makes the whole thing worthwhile. -JH    

Bio Bus at Green School

WATCH: Bio Bus + Noble Material at TEDxUbud

High school students from Green School recently presented and performed at the 2016 TEDxUbud focusing on environmental issues currently threatening Bali. These two examples of youth led environmental activism are amazing. The Bio Bus story was told by Kyla Langotsky and Maxwell Hidajat- both members of the student led social enterprise that is the Bio Bus.  Looking forward to their innovations in the coming school year as they continue to pioneer used cooking oil as biofuel for the school buses. Used cooking oil is a major problem in Bali. The Bio Bus team has found a way to make this a thing of the past. Providing more than 1,800 biodiesel-fueled rides, the Bio Bus saves 3 tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere every month. And the best part of it? This is a 100% student run social enterprise! Learn how students stepped out of the classroom and into the ‘real world’, allowing them to create change with a tangible impact.  Enter stage right, The Noble Material Roadshow, the traveling version of the musical performed …

John Hardy speaking in Singapore

DO: Come see John Hardy speak in Singapore

We would like to invite you to a very special event: an evening with John Hardy: environmentalist, sustainability advocate, designer and co-founder of Green School Bali. Come hear how John is building his vision of a greener world through education and design. This will be an amazing opportunity to learn how sustainability and green education can be integrated into curriculum. Students, teachers and principals will see how teaching sustainability and green living will prepare students to be agents of positive change. After graduating from the Ontario College of Art & Design, John set off to travel the world and settled in Bali, Indonesia. In 1975, he started a small jewelry business that grew into an international company. In 2007, John stopped working in the company to dedicate his time to advocating for and building a more sustainable world through education and design. As his first major project, he and his wife Cynthia conceived and created the Green School in Bali, Indonesia to deliver pioneering education for the future. This event is sponsored by Green Camp, …

Sustainable Solutions at Green Schooll

DO: The Sustainable Solutions Festival

Sustainable Solutions at Green School is a music, arts and environmental festival aiming to connect, inspire and equip our community to live more sustainably NOW! 2016 THEME: GREENING OUR SCHOOLS & COMMUNITIES STUDENTS of all ages, get inspired to green your school physically & socially! EDUCATORS learn and share about green projects to be done with students! ORGANISATIONS & COMMUNITY GROUPS engage and network with NGOs, local businesses and youth. Share the challenges and triumphs of shifting mindsets! ARTISTS & MUSICIANS share and collaborate with those focused on environmental and social causes. YOU just show up, join the conversation, learn from others, pick up some green living tips and tricks or get involved with local eco-initiatives! Sustainable Solutions Program Solutions Showcase + Eco-market A demonstrative, interactive marketplace, featuring students, NGOs, local businesses, and community members sharing their green projects, initiatives, products, and services. Workshops Facilitated by students and community members, these hands-on sessions will show HOW TO make, build, or do something that will help us and others live more sustainably. Activists’ Stage An inspiring space …

Green School on Levi Strauss blog


While this may sound like an idyllic utopia, John emphasizes that this idea can be translated around the world to introduce this sustainable lifestyle and curriculum into any environment. His rules: be local, let the environment lead, and think about how your grandchildren will be building the future. John recently reflected on how the experience of building Green School has surprised and changed him. “I never imagined how quickly or thoughtfully the Green School would evolve,” John told Unzipped. “Every day I am surprised by new, creative ideas our students bring up to become even more sustainable. These students are growing into leaders who know how to coexist with the world and think bigger than any generation before them.” From the Levi Strauss & Co Unzipped blog. Read on here.