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Glamping in Bali

Igloos in Bali?

Winter has arrived in Bali…. The new tents at Bambu Indah– a new take on glamping in Bali. More about Bambu Indah:  Bambu Indah combines the use of restored antique houses with much newer structures built with sustainable bamboo. Instead of using concrete foundations, stilted buildings can ultimately be moved or removed with little impact to the ground. The designs also promote use of natural light, ventilation and passive cooling with the use of open air spaces, pitched ceilings, and stilted buildings. Traditional thatching requires the careful maintenance of local craftsmen. Bambu Indah uses lava stones and a vegetation regeneration zone, which operates to naturally cleanse, filter and oxygenate the water and nurture beneficial bacteria in the pool. A water flow system and high-density polyethylene liner, which can be recycled after 60 years of life, creates a natural pool that does not use chlorine, algaecides or cement.

Bambu Indah in Architectural Digest

Bambu Indah in Architectural Digest

Come stay with us in the jungle! Huge honor to be featured in Architectural Digest. To read more of the article, head on over to the article.  Beautiful photos by Stephen Kent Johnson and text by Aaron Peasley. Of the new houses, John explains: “We looked at the view and it was sublime. But how do you build without blocking the view? So we left them open and built a netted sleeping arrangement so there would be the possibility of privacy and safety. I like to call one of them the Love Nest, and the other is called the Moon House because there’s a beautiful copper bathtub in the garden for moonlight bathing.”  

Head cook at Bambu Indah Bali

Bali Eco-Resort Hailed Among Most Unique Hotels Worldwide

Balinese eco-resort Bambu Indah has been named among the top eight “Over the Top” hotels by leading booking website this year, chosen for its unique and head-turning features. The hotel, rated three stars, is located amid lush rice paddies in Ubud, and made the annual list of what Agoda calls “properties that push the boundaries of creative accommodation.” “The gorgeously landscaped Bambu Indah goes to great lengths to present a collection of curios from around the world in a superb Balinese setting. Much of the food used in the kitchen is grown onsite without pesticides, and the entire resort is operated with locally sourced materials and labor,” Agoda said in a release announcing the top eight. Read more at The Jakarta Globe.  

Bali Sustainable Visions

Unique visions of wonderful things

“Isabella Ginanneschi, creative wonder woman, who worked with us on the John Hardy image, does it once again. A terrific book full of her unique photographic visions of wonderful things. It’s fabulous, what more can I say.“ -JH About Bali: Sustainable Visions  by Isabella Ginanneschi, Duncan Murray Kirk Discover how visionary architects and designers are pioneering a new, environmentally sustainable style of tropical living. Justly famous for its artistic expressions, Balinese culture is also uniquely adapted to the natural conditions of this small volcanic island just a few degrees south of the equator. The subak system, maintained cooperatively for more than a millennium, channels fresh water from high in the mountains to the terraced rice fields below. And the vernacular architecture, made from renewable materials like wood and bamboo, is designed to accommodate the indoor-outdoor tropical lifestyle–and to withstand the extremes of tropical weather. Today, even as Bali’s ecosystem is challenged by a continued influx of foreign tourists, a handful of inspired creators are rediscovering the island’s long tradition of environmental sustainability. This gorgeous and …

Bambu Indah in the Guardian

Bambu Indah in the Guardian

John always says that Bambu Indah is a garden with a hotel attached, something which the Guardian noticed. Meals at Bambu Indah in Ubud are created using produce from the hotel’s own organic vegetable garden. Bambu Indah was founded by the Hardy family who are also behind Bali’s Green School and their passion for the environment is evident in the menu. Eating locally and sustainably is also very healthy. Sitting in the open-air bamboo structure of Bambu Indah’s restaurant you can eat curry with eggplant and beans or “raw lasagna” made from layers of uncooked zucchini, mushrooms and tomato and topped with pesto. Read the rest: The 5 most healthy places to eat in Bali.  

Sumba House at Bambu Indah by Brian Hodges

The Sumba House at Bambu Indah

A few years ago, on one of  John’s regular trips to Sumba, he fell in love with the traditional Sumba houses. He and his daughter, Elora, decided to replicate one using bamboo in Bali in the grounds of Bambu Indah. The final result is spectacular, unlike anything in Bali, and has become a favorite room for the Bambu Indah guests. Elora Hardy on the design process: While visiting Sumba once, Dad [John Hardy] and I had the chance to go inside a traditional home. Sitting on mats inside the homes, we felt such a sense of calm and peace. The proportions and layout of the space felt right, like something that could only evolve over the centuries. It was cool and shaded inside, protected from the hot dry Sumba sun, and a bit of breeze flowed through the gaps between the bamboo. The porch was also a wonderful place to be; we sat there with the grandmothers weaving, and small kids tumbled around. Each home followed similar proportions and layout, with the cooking hearth at the …

John and his kale at Bambu Indah

Victory Gardens for the Future

The English spent so much time studying strange bugs and plant species over centuries, but never focused on food. During the war, the food ran out, and they had to start planting food gardens or victory gardens. Read all about Victory Gardens here. It gets more and more clear to me, right now, we need victory gardens for the future. We’ve started at Bambu Indah.  Every hotel, every house should have a food garden. Start with your house. Even Queen Elizabeth has one.