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Rose tinted glasses

Do: Buy a pair of these glasses

Instagram filters come to life… A young team of designers has developed a range of sunglasses which promise to let you see the world through an Instagram-style filter, just in time for summer. Tens sunglasses state their ambition as simple: ‘To make your day look ten times better.’ In much the same way as Instagram filters boost the colors in your photos, these innovative lenses work with the warmth of the sun to lend an ‘uplifting’ tint to the world beyond the lens. Read more:

Move all your communications to Whatsapp

DO: Move all your communications to WhatsApp

I got this message recently… When you’re a very busy guy,  moving your people, suppliers and work groups to WhatsApp will save you hours of mindless banging on the keyboard. You can have little groups with certain tasks and have everyone in there. And all the suppliers have WhatsApp now. I do have an email address, but these days I don’t really give it out. I find it’s a great burden to look at email because it’s mostly self-aggrandizing keyboard banging. That’s why I have 25,000 unopened emails.

Save the bees of Bali

Do: Save Bali’s Bees

Kelly Marciano is on a quest to save the bees of Bali. As the founder of the Natural Light Candle Co, a company that makes pure beeswax candles, she understands what a world without bees and beeswax means. She has founded a new initiative called the Ratu Lestari Alami project, or Queen Bees for Sustainability. She recently went to Kalimantan, traveling 17 hours in a truck to meet the people harvesting wild honey. She found out they usually threw away the beeswax, never thinking they could sell it. She’s now going to put up 200 beehives at Hatten vineyards, at Green School, Bambu Indah, and Green Village. She has a goal of having over 2,000 hives on Bali. She gets the wax and you get the honey. An amazing program, check it out. -JH Here in Indonesia the bee population has been drastically affected by the practice of slash and burn agriculture. As a result, vast areas of the rain forest have been destroyed. The majority of Indonesia’s honey and bee-keeping activities are in the forest. It’s time …

Peace Boat

DO: Get on board the Peace Boat in New York

“I’ll be there when it docks in October and hope to see you there too. It’s an incredible project and team.” -JH On October 20th, Peace Boat will host a public event onboard, inviting the New York City community to learn more about Peace Boat’s Ecoship, its initiatives for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and its three decades of innovative voyages and programs. Peace Boat’s visit to New York City also coincides with the United Nations First Committee on Disarmament and International Security. As part of Peace Boat’s commitment to creating a nuclear-free world, five atomic bomb survivors from Hiroshima and Nagasaki will travel with the ship from Japan and share their testimonies at the United Nations in order to further raise awareness about the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons. The survivors will also participate in the onboard event on October 20th.

Helly Hansen shoe

DO: Buy a pair of Helly Hansen shoes

I ended up with stock of running shoes. Way more than I needed. So they end up sitting in storage, here and in New York. If I put on a pair of Nike’s within half a mile, the sole would have fallen off. These Helly Hansen shoes were stored for five years. I’ve been wearing them every day for weeks and they are incredible. I believe that Nike puts glue in their running shoes that after one year disintegrates. Helly Hansen clearly don’t. I will never buy another brand again. Hooray for Helly Hansen.

Bamboo U sketch

The Architectural Association Visiting School in Bali

The real world of architecture and engineering learning about the world of bamboo is critical. As long as bamboo remains an oddity in the tropical world, it will remain an oddity in the tropical world. If people like Neil Thomas, Atelier One and the Architectural Association start to embrace bamboo, it would be amazing. My dream is to have a bamboo university where engineering and architecture students come from around the world to learn about bamboo and take it home with them. Very, very happy to be starting with the AA, a school which many consider is the top architecture school in the world. Certainly they have produced some amazing people.  -JH The Bamboo U experience with the Architectural Association: Sunday 11 – Thursday 22 September 2016 BambooU(niversity) was an idea originally conceived to help teach professionals about the potential of bamboo as a green building material. In its current form it is a design and build workshop hosted by the Kul Kul Farm at the Green School Bali; in collaboration with the structural engineering …

John Hardy speaking in Singapore

DO: Come see John Hardy speak in Singapore

We would like to invite you to a very special event: an evening with John Hardy: environmentalist, sustainability advocate, designer and co-founder of Green School Bali. Come hear how John is building his vision of a greener world through education and design. This will be an amazing opportunity to learn how sustainability and green education can be integrated into curriculum. Students, teachers and principals will see how teaching sustainability and green living will prepare students to be agents of positive change. After graduating from the Ontario College of Art & Design, John set off to travel the world and settled in Bali, Indonesia. In 1975, he started a small jewelry business that grew into an international company. In 2007, John stopped working in the company to dedicate his time to advocating for and building a more sustainable world through education and design. As his first major project, he and his wife Cynthia conceived and created the Green School in Bali, Indonesia to deliver pioneering education for the future. This event is sponsored by Green Camp, …

Sustainable Solutions at Green Schooll

DO: The Sustainable Solutions Festival

Sustainable Solutions at Green School is a music, arts and environmental festival aiming to connect, inspire and equip our community to live more sustainably NOW! 2016 THEME: GREENING OUR SCHOOLS & COMMUNITIES STUDENTS of all ages, get inspired to green your school physically & socially! EDUCATORS learn and share about green projects to be done with students! ORGANISATIONS & COMMUNITY GROUPS engage and network with NGOs, local businesses and youth. Share the challenges and triumphs of shifting mindsets! ARTISTS & MUSICIANS share and collaborate with those focused on environmental and social causes. YOU just show up, join the conversation, learn from others, pick up some green living tips and tricks or get involved with local eco-initiatives! Sustainable Solutions Program Solutions Showcase + Eco-market A demonstrative, interactive marketplace, featuring students, NGOs, local businesses, and community members sharing their green projects, initiatives, products, and services. Workshops Facilitated by students and community members, these hands-on sessions will show HOW TO make, build, or do something that will help us and others live more sustainably. Activists’ Stage An inspiring space …

Win a scholarship to SuperCamp Bali

DO: Enter a student to win a scholarship to SuperCamp at Green School

Do you know a young gamechanger that would like to win a scholarship to SuperCamp at Green School Bali? THE SUPER SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION COMPETITION IS AN ONLINE COMPETITION FOR STUDENTS AGES 11 – 17 FROM AROUND THE GLOBE. WE ARE LOOKING FOR THE WORLD’S MOST INNOVATIVE YOUNG LEADERS THAT ARE WORKING TO CREATE A MORE SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON JUNE 1ST, 2016. SUBMISSIONS BY VIDEO You will have to submit a video of your Super Sustainable Innovation (SSI) from MARCH 7TH until MAY 9th, 2016. Your SSI should be Project Based, Technological Invention or Social Movement. The video should be 3 minutes long, clearly explaining your SSI, and finish by answering the following questions: 1) How can SuperCamp help cultivate you as a Green Leader in your community? 2) What skills would you like to learn from SuperCamp at Green School Bali? More details As we look into the present to find the solutions for tomorrow, we see the importance and potential that all students around the world have, to provide real solutions. …

Japan in winter

Revisiting Japan with my 19 year old

If your 19 year old is loving her monoculture, what do you do to open the gates? Take her to Japan. It was such a pleasure to see her experience Japan having never been there and it is so different to anything she’s ever known. I started in Japan in 1975. Japan is like everything I’ve never seen.  In a sense, it is a monoculture, but  it is such a hugely diverse place. It’s full of hidden magic. Full of beauty. It is still a world of artisanship- they’re even taking on the Scots by making the best whiskey in the world. Tokyo sunrise.  We stayed in the Park Hotel in their art rooms. Uber in Tokyo was amazing. Give your location, a nice car comes, drops you off, no money no going around in circles. The subway was also invaluable. Do as the locals do and zone out for the ride. Lost her soul in the subway. Confused Carina hitching. The Tokyo Station Hotel. Tokyo winter fashion shoot complete with heater. Antique textile shopping at …