Month: October 2016

INKTalks on Edible Cutlery

WATCH: The inventor of edible cutlery speaks

A radical way to counter obnoxious plastic. “It’s amazing how much a researcher can learn when he starts to think. We seem to be researching endlessly, but this guy seems to be actually doing something. It’s such an amazing initiative. Please watch the talk. Here’s more about INKTalks.”  

MEET: Laughing yogini and bamboo bicyclist Suskitawati

Suskita is a young Chinese woman traveling across the world on her bamboo bike with a mission of spreading happiness with laughing yoga. She started her world adventure #ShootCycleHahaha in late July 2015 . Why Shoot+Cycle+Hahaha? She says it’s photo/video shooting while cycling, and at the same time, laughing to yourself & strangers you pass by: the top 3 things make her happy & healthy. She rides a bamboo bicycle which she calls the  “Little Prince(小竹)”. She handmade Little Prince at the Shanghai iEnergy Bamboo Bike Workshop. So far she’s visited 12 countries: Turkey, Mainland China, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia. Suskita will continue traveling the world for a ‘Laughing Revolution’ to make our world a happier place. She became part of the Bambu Indah family recently and we got to ask her a few questions. 1. What’s got you jumping out of bed at the moment? Making one more person laugh while living around the world with my Bamboo Bike. 2. What do you think is something happening in the world right now that people need to know about? People …

Green Stories: a film about Green School

Green Stories: a Green School documentary in the works

Carine Lefebvre Quennell, Green School parent and filmmaker, is in the final stages of editing her film Green Stories, a documentary on Green School. Stay tuned for details how you can support the film and the crowdfunding campaign in November 2016.  More on why Carine wants to make this film: What I saw caused me to question everything I knew of traditional schooling models, those that I had experienced and those my children had. What I saw is deeply inspiring, and made me both optimistic and enthusiastic for the future. It is a laboratory of ideas. The film is above all the story of a handful of young people. Free to make choices, they learn by doing, very much linked to the environment around them. They are preparing for their future, and that of the planet. They want to change the world.

Falling for Balinese bamboo furniture

READ: IBUKU’s furniture collection in the Financial Times

“Fast forward to 2016 and back in Bali’s verdant hinterland, local artisans are carefully bending this ultra-sustainable resource into fantastically undulating sculptures, sans splinters, under the design direction of Hardy’s equally talented daughter Elora. The former designer at Donna Karan returned home to Bali in 2010 to realise what she calls her father’s “big dreams made out of overgrown grass”. This summer, Elora launched the Ibuku furniture collection, an online catalogue of these natural, artful furnishings that already populate the monumental custom bamboo houses of Green Village, this talented family’s other bamboo-building venture.” Read the full article by Cynthia Rosenfeld in the How to Spend It section of the Financial Times.

WIRED Best Designers 2016

READ: The best designers you need to be watching right now (WIRED)

Honored to be named in this WIRED Design Issue article on the best designers. Thanks to Bjarke Ingels for the amazing mention of IBUKU and Elora and John Hardy. For WIRED’s Design Issue, we celebrate the creatives – from architects to user experience masters, fashion designers to rocket scientists – shaping the world right now. As part of our cover profile on the architecture star Bjarke Ingels, we asked him to nominate the individuals in their respective fields he is most excited about right now. From fiction writers to builders of bamboo schools, here are five designers shaping the WIRED world right now. Entire article over on the WIRED site.