Month: September 2016

Heather Blair at INK

Green School students at INKTalks

“Last week I went to INKTalks with three students from Green School- Dali and Finn Schonfelder and Heather Blair. Dali and Finn spoke about Nalu, their company, and Heather about the importance of consent. Both got a standing ovation from the crowd. An impressive feat considering who was in the audience. Can’t wait to see the talks get published.” -JH It’s one thing to look good when you buy our clothes, the next thing is to do good and therefore feel good. – Dali and Finn  

Save the bees of Bali

Do: Save Bali’s Bees

Kelly Marciano is on a quest to save the bees of Bali. As the founder of the Natural Light Candle Co, a company that makes pure beeswax candles, she understands what a world without bees and beeswax means. She has founded a new initiative called the Ratu Lestari Alami project, or Queen Bees for Sustainability. She recently went to Kalimantan, traveling 17 hours in a truck to meet the people harvesting wild honey. She found out they usually threw away the beeswax, never thinking they could sell it. She’s now going to put up 200 beehives at Hatten vineyards, at Green School, Bambu Indah, and Green Village. She has a goal of having over 2,000 hives on Bali. She gets the wax and you get the honey. An amazing program, check it out. -JH Here in Indonesia the bee population has been drastically affected by the practice of slash and burn agriculture. As a result, vast areas of the rain forest have been destroyed. The majority of Indonesia’s honey and bee-keeping activities are in the forest. It’s time …

Earthbound Traveling Semester

Green School goes on the road with Earthbound

“Earthbound is an incredible program. Learning by doing, not just here in Bali but all around the world during a traveling semester. Follow their stories and journey as they get up close with the big issues.” -JH About Earthbound: Semester one began on August 22 at Kul Kul Farm next to Green School where we began our orientation. Focusing on the first permaculture design principle: Observe and Interact, we began to explore the neighbourhood around Green School, uncovering stories and meeting unsung heroes who were finding innovative solutions to many issues plaguing our immediate community. We took our tools of observation and investigation to Lombok to work with Oceans.Care and meet the local activists, journalists, artists and citizens who are trying to keep their island from drowning in plastic. Next week we head to the heart of the conflict palm oil crisis as we visit the pristine and endangered Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra. From there we head to Greece to unpack the complexities of the refugee and economic crises, learn about the history of democracy, take part in environmental …

Peace Boat

DO: Get on board the Peace Boat in New York

“I’ll be there when it docks in October and hope to see you there too. It’s an incredible project and team.” -JH On October 20th, Peace Boat will host a public event onboard, inviting the New York City community to learn more about Peace Boat’s Ecoship, its initiatives for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and its three decades of innovative voyages and programs. Peace Boat’s visit to New York City also coincides with the United Nations First Committee on Disarmament and International Security. As part of Peace Boat’s commitment to creating a nuclear-free world, five atomic bomb survivors from Hiroshima and Nagasaki will travel with the ship from Japan and share their testimonies at the United Nations in order to further raise awareness about the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons. The survivors will also participate in the onboard event on October 20th.