Month: April 2016

The world's coolest kindergarten

One of the world’s coolest kindergartens is in Japan

I was with the architect of the Fuji school last week. It’s round and it’s one of the coolest kindergartens in the world. There’s a TED talk with about 3.4 million views. Very, very cool. Takaharu Tezuka (the architect and TED speaker) gave me a tour of the school and then a tour of his project called the Woods of Net, which an incredible children’s playground. -JH “This is a permanent pavilion for a net artist, Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam. The artist knitted the net entirely by hand, which is designed for children to crawl in, roll around, and jump on the net. It was easy for us to see the artwork being outside even when it cannot be exposed to rain or ultraviolet light. We wanted to design a space as soft as the forest where the boundary between outside and inside disappears.”- from Woods of Net

Sumba beach

Travel notes from Sumba

Just returned from Sumba, on a trip to see the progress of The Sumba Hospitality Foundation‘s campus currently being constructed by Ibuku. Sumba is the most magic island. Beautiful people, beautiful beach and a beautiful place to stay- Nihiwatu. The property of Chris Burch and James McBride. They have two things you can’t miss- Rice Island, which is literally a hill in the middle of the biggest rice field you’ve ever seen, complete with lunch on a hill. Walk there in an hour and forty five minutes. It’s a journey, really beautiful. The next thing you do is called Spa Safari– another walk through the most beautiful, untouched Sumba, through a traditional village, until you get to the ricefields flowing down to the sea. Spa Safari is your own small safari house, with a small table set up for lunch for two beside two massage tables and a delicious bed for many things. It’s beyond romantic. A place you shouldn’t miss. -JH With Chris Burch. Shots from The Sumba Hospitality Foundation‘s campus, a work in …

Blue Vinyl Documentary

WATCH: Blue Vinyl

Blue Vinyl is a 2002 documentary film directed by Daniel B. Gold and Judith Helfand. With a lighthearted tone, the film follows one woman’s quest for an environmentally sound cladding for her parents’ house in Merrick, Long Island, New York. It also investigates the many negative health effects of polyvinyl chloride in its production, use and disposal, focusing on the communities of Lake Charles and Mossville, Louisiana, and Venice, Italy. – From Wikipedia  Find it on Amazon.