Month: January 2016

Japan in winter

Revisiting Japan with my 19 year old

If your 19 year old is loving her monoculture, what do you do to open the gates? Take her to Japan. It was such a pleasure to see her experience Japan having never been there and it is so different to anything she’s ever known. I started in Japan in 1975. Japan is like everything I’ve never seen.  In a sense, it is a monoculture, but  it is such a hugely diverse place. It’s full of hidden magic. Full of beauty. It is still a world of artisanship- they’re even taking on the Scots by making the best whiskey in the world. Tokyo sunrise.  We stayed in the Park Hotel in their art rooms. Uber in Tokyo was amazing. Give your location, a nice car comes, drops you off, no money no going around in circles. The subway was also invaluable. Do as the locals do and zone out for the ride. Lost her soul in the subway. Confused Carina hitching. The Tokyo Station Hotel. Tokyo winter fashion shoot complete with heater. Antique textile shopping at …

The Hardy Family in Bali

Love. Family. Time Together.

This holiday was the first in many years when we were really all together. It’s amazing having Cynthia back. It was incredible to watch the four kids interact with Rajiv and Maria in the mix. A wonderful experience. It’s hard to know what you’re missing until you have it. Right now I feel like I have a tremendous amount to be thankful for. 26 years ago in Bali, we were already doing the right thing by Christmas trees in Bali; we had a live tree in a pot. 26 years years later it’s the Christmas tree that ate the palm trees. It is taller than a palm tree. It’s magnificent. We’re very happy to have the tradition of the Christmas tree that grew big and then really big. -JH John with a tree in 1982. Penny, John and Elora of Christmas past. Baby Orin and THE Christmas tree 26 years ago. The tree ten years ago. This year we had a picnic under the tree. Celebrating Nayan’s first Christmas. Complete with gifts of goats for …