Month: October 2015

Wonderfruit Festival

DO: Go to the Wonderfruit Festival

What are you doing in December? Join us at Wonderfruit Festival in Thailand for 4 days of great things. Wonderfruit is about bringing communities together in Thailand, to nurture collaborative, creative cultures and inspire celebration of the arts and the adventure of sustainable living.

John Hardy speaking at Summit at Sea

Speaking at Summit at Sea

Looking forward to leaving in a few weeks to attend Summit at Sea. The lineup of speakers is astonishing. See the full list here. November 13-16, 2015, the Summit community will be taking over an ocean liner, setting the stage for thought-provoking discussions, kinetic musical performances, and unforgettable shared experiences that foster personal and professional growth.

190 kilo of plastci collected during Trash Walks

Travel notes- trash walking and free newspapers

I see this all over the world. Huge amount of newspapers being given away. It’s criminal. London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong. This picture is from Hong Kong. You don’t need to even buy newspapers any more, they just hand you one as you get into the subway and it goes straight into the garbage. What are we doing with our trees? One day, I left the hotel in London and walked down Picadilly. I was visualizing a virtual trash walk, so I started taking pictures of the trash. Unfortunately I didn’t have my spear and didn’t have my bag. So I did a virtual trash walk. In our Bali trash walks, we have now collected over 183 kilos of plastics and sold it back to Enviropallets to make their shipping pallets. We leave Bambu Indah every morning at 7 am. Join us.

Aerial shot of Green School

Green School in the Guardian: Mud walls, rainwater and visits from lizards

Matthew Jenkin from The Guardian interviewed John Hardy on the Green School’s classroom design  for this great article on sustainable schools. He explains that the open design of the classrooms means there are more distractions for students from the outside environment – a tropical downpour or a lizard crawling across the floor, for example – but teachers are encouraged to integrate these into lessons to make learning more exciting and engaging. “Everywhere in the world kids are learning how to be green but in completely unsustainable environments,” Hardy says. “Green school kids are learning about the same things, but they are living it instead.