Month: June 2015

Vortex at Green School

Vortex at Green School

Over the past two years, we have been focused on building a gravitational water vortex power plant at Green School. A few words from Matthew Bell, team leader for the vortex project: “She is a hydro electrical power generator, using gravity’s natural pull on water towards center of the earth, in that vortex then created we have a turbine. The swallowing capacity is 1.2 cubic meters a second, which relates to about 1.5 vertical meters of water in the rotation tank. That turbine drives a shaft which goes through a bearing system, then through a corolla and tapered thrust bearing system. This takes away any oscillation and takes the weight of turbine, which is approximately one ton. So the force generated by the water is directed through a drive shaft, which is coupled with a universal joint and lined to the generator shaft. Our generator is a 15 kw permanent magnet generator. The beauty of the system is that is only requires 2 meters of head to have a rotation tank. Head relates t0 the amount …

What would it take?

John’s thoughts: What would it actually take to take Bali off the grid? What would it take to take a 60 by 90 mile piece of land and make it green? To make Bali organic? To put a light rail system around this island and through it? That would service the people with a minimum of congestion and pollution? Can you imagine being in Nusa Dua and it being a 15 minute ride on the tube to Ubud station? What would it take to have a full recycling system? To deal with all the waste in blackwater gardens? Wha would it take to compost the whole island? What would it take to wipe out corruption? Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have an island with this many hotels rooms where people came  from all over the world to see the future? See the future in Bali. 60 by 90 miles. What would it take to do one right and then do ten thousand? Everybody builds a sample, a test, a prototype. What would it take to …

Ibuku Yoga Pavilion Four Seasons

Bamboo yoga pavilion in Sayan

John was out walking the other and found this amazing view. It’s Ibuku‘s custom designed yoga pavilion for the Four Seasons Sayan. Each hand-carved pole used in the construction of the bale is unique. Curving and tapering in different ways, pieces were chosen for their structural integrity, smooth texture or individual beauty. The radial clusters of soaring bamboo columns are bound by rope, and hand-whittled pegs are used in place of nails to connect sections. The result is an incredibly durable structure that utilises bamboo’s natural strengths, while delivering an ecologically sensitive space designed to create, support and deepen the experience of all who enter and spend time within it. Full press release here.

John and his kale at Bambu Indah

Victory Gardens for the Future

The English spent so much time studying strange bugs and plant species over centuries, but never focused on food. During the war, the food ran out, and they had to start planting food gardens or victory gardens. Read all about Victory Gardens here. It gets more and more clear to me, right now, we need victory gardens for the future. We’ve started at Bambu Indah.  Every hotel, every house should have a food garden. Start with your house. Even Queen Elizabeth has one.    

Gunter Pauli

MEET: Gunter Pauli

Gunter Pauli will be the Key Note Speaker at the 2015 Green School Graduation. Initiator of the Blue Ecocomy, he’s been called the Steve Jobs of  Sustainability. If you haven’t seen his TEDxTokyo talk, watch it.

Tensegrity Buckyball challenge

Tensegrity Buckyball challenge at Green School

Learning by doing is one of the things John feels most passionate about and when he and the Green School high school students had a chance to jump into the world of building Buckyballs, it was an awesome example of that principle in practice. From the Green School teachers involved in the challenge: “The Tensegrity Buckyball challenge came to the high school one week ago and captured the interest of kids, teachers and parents. In recent weeks John Hardy has been experimenting with tensegrity structures and domes, drawing on inspiration from his memories of Buckminster Fuller visiting Bali.  He recalls coming across Fuller in a meditative state in one of his  famous ‘Buckyballs’ in Campuhan, Ubud, being interviewed by a film crew.  Similarly, our team experienced trance like moments during  the construction of the Buckyball kit that John Hardy shared with Green School.  We considered and deliberated on many different ways to configure the 12:20 pentagon  to hexagon ratio out of the 120 sticks of bamboo that was delivered to Green School. During the week long project …

Orin and Maria at the Kul Kul Farm

Orin & Maria’s Kul Kul Farm: Making the world a better place

The Kul Kul Farm, founded by my son Orin and partner Maria Farrugia, is a living, learning farm, market garden and education centre offering residential courses, weekend workshops and events in regenerative agriculture, organic food-growing and sustainable living. Orin said to me when he graduated from university, “Why didn’t you make me study something where I could get a job?” And I said to him, “I didn’t know making you was part of the equation. It’s not about getting a job, Orin, its about creating jobs that make the world a better place,” and here he is. He’s creating jobs and food and making the world a better place in a beautiful partnership. This summer the Farm has a Permaculture Design Course taking place from August 7-23, 2015, with Penny Livingston Smith. Check out the short video below for more information.

Green Supercamp

Green SuperCamp: The most powerful learning experience available

When my kids came home from SuperCamp, I was totally astounded at the things they had learned and the growth that had happened in a short residential camp. In my view, it’s the most powerful learning experience available. My daughter, Chiara, came home and said, “If you’re early you’re on time, if you are on time, you’re late, and if you’re late, you’re left behind again.” Can you imagine learning that at 11 years old? Being early takes all the stress out of all your movements. If you screw up you’re still on time, if you have a few minutes to wait, you do something else. Many people never learn that. And that was just one tiny thing of a plethora of information and experiences they had. The 7 day non-stop activities, is the place where students experience a shift in learning through academic enrichment classes, exhilarating outdoor challenges, personal growth and character building exercises. GET MORE INFORMATION » BOOK 2015 DATES: Junior SuperCamp » June 29 to July 5 Senior SuperCamp » July 8 …

John Hardy at C2 Montreal

On creativity at C2 Montreal 2014

A short interview where I share a few of my thoughts on creativity, the role of patience, and on sharing your creative process with everyone you meet. The more you share it, the richer it gets. What is C2 Montreal? C2 Montréal unites the international business crop and works to stimulate creative and visionary thinking to commercial problems. Encouraged through an immersive environment that fosters collaboration and the emergence of innovative business solutions.

Elora Hardy

Elora’s TED Talk has 1.3 million views

I did my TED talk and it has really powered the school. For 5 years it’s been out there and I have almost 750,000 views and I’m very proud; but I am eclipsed, I am eclipsed in the best possible way. My beautiful daughter Elora blew by me after only a few days and she now has over a million views and headed for the task of informing the world about bamboo. I’m so excited for her and for bamboo. She’s a great ambassador and there’s huge interest out there.