Month: July 2012

Treehugger: Solar Powered ATM Is Beautiful in Bali, July 2, 2012, Alex Davies

When Green School, on the Indonesian island of Bali, decided to install an ATM, they were torn. Large electronics don’t really line up with their sustainability-focused mission. ATMs require electricity and are usually set in concrete (which is bad). On the other hand, paying the school’s employees required frequent trips to the ATM eight miles away that burned a notable amount of gasoline. So they went for it, coming up with what may be the greenest, and coolest-looking, ATM on the planet. Click here for further reading. July 2, 2012, Alex Davies

PR Newswire: USGBC 2012, Greenest School on Earth

The Green Apple Day of Service was announced last Friday at Green School in Bali, Indonesia. “The international school offers a child-centered and holistic education with a strong focus on sustainability and the environment. Green School’s structures are built from local, renewable bamboo; the campus runs primarily on solar energy sponsored by the Akuo Foundation and utilizes bio-intensive organic farming; and among other noteworthy projects hosts a breeding sanctuary for endangered local birds, including the nearly extinct in the wild Bali Starling.” Click here for further reading. April 24, 2012  

Elora at INKTalks

Elora Hardy at INKTalks: ‘Building a Sustainable Bamboo Future’

Elora Hardy had it all as a designer working for Donna Karan in New York, with her prints walking the world’s runways. She left it all to return to Bali and build a sustainable construction company. Hardy builds visually stunning homes out of bamboo, fantasy abodes that look derived from Hollywood movie sets. In this striking talk, Hardy explains the versatility and durability of bamboo, and convinces us all to become advocates of bamboo as the choice building material for construction in the tropics. Click here to watch.

Financial Times: Bali and the Chocolate Factory

While Bali’s south coast is being swallowed up by villa and resort developments, there is an innovative green design movement gathering pace on the island. The area in and around Sibang, an off-the-map hamlet between Ubud and Denpasar, has become an unexpected centre for buildings made almost entirely of bamboo. But unlike the bamboo structures that have popped up for centuries throughout Asia and South and Central America, these buildings are resistant to decay and radically innovative. Click here for further reading.  January 27, 2012, Gisela Williams

Financial Times: Shore Thing

Much like Branson, Canadian-born jeweller John Hardy has operated a sizeable international business from a tropical island headquarters far removed from his major consumer markets. In Hardy’s case, that island is Bali, where he first arrived back in 1975 and which he lovingly describes as “a paradise island – beautiful in every season – where I wake up each morning to the most spectacular mountain views”. Click here to read more.  March 10, 2012, David Kaufman