Month: May 2011

Thursday dinner: Wonder, Water and Pearls

We’re into hosting dinners. Last night was one of those nights with a twist. Ian and Fabrice, from the Private Spa joined us, which was special. I can comfortably say, if you want to liven your dinner party, consider inviting them along. Ian performed a number of demonstrations with our guests, something to this effect (the above image is two bio-disks). We also had the pleasure of having our friends from Atlas South Sea Pearls join us. They’re working on a number of partnerships and projects, one of which is with our friend Chris, who is the brain behind a certain tea tree oil. Thanks for a fabulous evening, friends. More of that please-fancy quantum water, pearl fodder, and all.

Ice-cream for iPads. To the Green School, from Chiara

A tiny update on my wonderful daughter, Chiara, and her marvelous brain. Her idea? Sell ice-cream and use the revenue to buy iPads for the Green School. It’s worth noting she was confronted with many naysayers on the practicalities of her endeavour. In true Chiara style, instead of succumbing to the doubt, she chose to show them how her idea would work. To date, she generated enough revenue to purchase three iPads over three months. A Green School ally was so impressed with her immediate success, they donated $800 (USD) to purchase another one. There’s also a mini-documentary being created about ice-cream for iPad, and I’ll share that with you when it’s finished. For now, if you’re interested in supporting the ice cream for iPad project, let me know, and we’ll make that happen. Sent from my i(ce cream)Pad <- True Story.  

SEE: My daughter Carina takes on Avatar and Adele. It’s remarkable…

This is a photo of Carina on Halloween, creating and embodying Neytiri from the film, Avatar. For those of you that don’t know, Avatar was created by James Cameron and includes all kinds of magical brilliance. James delivered an interesting TEDTalk on the likes. Thanks to Cameron for spurring additional creativity. See below (!!!). Last week at the Green School talent show, Carina delivered a powerful rendition of Adele’s “Turning Tables.” Although I’m partial to the Carina version, you can experience the Adele version right here.