Year: 2008

SEE: Elora’s Design for DKNY

Elora my daughter designed this T-shirt for the DKNY runway.  It’s a self-portrait, after a vintage 1989 DKNY T of the model Rosemarie. The company didn’t have the rights to reproduce the original T, and the fastest solution Elora could think of was to pouf up her hair, pose, and take the shot herself.

READ: Young Indonesians Challenge the Old Order

By Stanley A. Weiss JAKARTA—Sitting down with Indonesia’s rising business stars gives a sense of the progress and perils that define the country as it marks a decade since the downfall of authoritarian president Suharto and heads into parliamentary and presidential elections next year. “Indonesia is now an economic powerhouse, the biggest in Southeast Asia,” said Fauzi Ichsan, chief economist at Standard Chartered Bank. “Our middle class is the size of Malaysia’s entire population and growing.” Rozan Anwar, director of a human resources company, compares Indonesia to the so-called BRIC [Brazil, Russia, India, China] countries lauded for rapid economic development since the turn of the millennium. “We say iBRIC—it makes it sound cooler,” said Sandiaga Uno, a leader with the country’s young entrepreneurs association. But ask the same analysts about the country’s political health and the responses are not as positive. “I have no confidence in the political system,” said Arif Arryman of telecommunications giant Telkom. According to Sandiaga, corruption and nepotism are key impediments to progress. “We need to invest in infrastructure and education, …

READ: Turf War

Americans can’t live without their lawns—but how long can they live with them? by Elizabeth Kolbert   In 1841, Andrew Jackson Downing published the first landscape-gardening book aimed at an American audience. At the time, Downing was twenty-five years old and living in Newburgh, New York. He owned a nursery, which he had inherited from his father, and for several years had been publishing loftily titled articles, such as “Remarks on the Duration of the Improved Varieties of New York Fruit Trees,” in horticultural magazines. Downing was dismayed by what he saw as the general slovenliness of rural America, where pigs and poultry were allowed to roam free, “bare and bald” houses were thrown up, and trees were planted haphazardly, if at all. (The first practice, he complained, contributed to the generally “brutal aspect of the streets.”) His “Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening” urged readers to improve themselves by improving their front yards. “In the landscape garden we appeal to that sense of the Beautiful and the Perfect, which is one …

SEE: Wind Power Anywhere

Magenn Power’s MARS is a Wind Power Anywhere™ solution with distinct advantages over existing Conventional Wind Turbines and Diesel Generating Systems including: global deployment, lower costs, better operational performance, and greater environmental advantages.  

READ: Three Springs by Alan Wagstaff

When I first read it I immediately wanted to visit this school centered community. Unfortunately it only existed in a Visionary’s mind. Now you can come to Green School. Three Springs is a design concept for a living community. Essentially it is a village, containing all the ecological, biological, and sociological elements needed to promote a sustainable, holistic, and quality lifestyle. It is proposed as an inspiring model for the wider community. The nucleus of the village will be a school. The school will provide a genuine heart, where emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence, and beauty are prized. It will infuse enthusiasm and purpose into the entire project. The workshops, homes, farms, and businesses; craftspeople, artists, families and individuals will have a direct, practical link to the educational provision.

Great Plains Conservation

DO: Great Plains Conservation

GPC Just came back from one of their resorts in Africa, really superb. Sitting lightly on the land, managing the environment with true grace and a little chilli in the food. Great place! Can’t wait to visit their other resorts.